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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meet an Inmate???

OK, this is fucking nuts. I guess there are some loosers out there wh ofeel their life needs a little more to be complete, so what do they do, they go out searching for an inmate to meet, fuck with or be penpals with.

I really don't know what to say about this, I guess some people have this bad boy or bad girl complex where they need to be involved with someone fucked up beyond belief. This trend became fairly evident to me when search trends for another blog posting of mine regarding Scott Peterson and other death row inmates skyrocketed over the term "death row penpal." It seems there are a number of people, the world over, looking for the companionship of someone who has very little if any respect for human life.

Hottie blogger, Kristi Gustafson, also recently wrote something on the topic of a meet an inmate website making the bottom 10 of useless sites. Although I agree with the stupidity of a site dedicated to finding "friends" for the scum of society, it seems it is at least keeping the inmates busy posting bio's. This is what happens when you give prisoners "rights"


Schpeigel said...

Re: Meet an inmate blog by Monkeyguano

I don t know who I feel more sorry for, the poor sap sitting there behind bars and cooling their heels for mistakes made in life, which by the way doesn t qualify them for the distinction of being societal scumbags.

Actually I think I will nominate Mr Monkeyguano for "Bonehead of the week" award, for such gratuitious, self rightious, indignatious and egotistical remarks (or was that egotestical, heavy on the ego while light on the testical) that are so befitting any bonehead who would pick on one of societies weakest members.

You Mr Monkeyguano sound like the same judgemental creep who would come online and display such cowardice by hiding behind a computer while you spew your vitriolic and venomous remarks with such impunity.

Well Mister, Im taking you to task because I have the guts and the courage of my convictions to stand up to a pathetic mouth piece like you, truely a pontificating coward of the lowest order, looking to score some easy points in the court of public opinion. Someone who would try and score a hallow victory by preying on societies weakest members who aren t able to fight back in their own defence.

You sound like the same kind of creep who would mug a cripple because they re easy to take down without a fight, in much the same way an inmate who is paying their debt to society is being character assasinated without the opportunity of fighting back.

Such collective hubris by you, and other knuckle dragging, knee jerk reactionary, smug and arrogant night crawlers of your kind, is truely sickening.

Well done Monkey, you sure showed them who's boss didn t you, Im not judging you as a scum bag per se, but your remarks are indicative of what a scumbag would do, well done, you ve shown your true colours haven t you, "YELLOW" !!!

Now let me justify my remarks just so you have some understanding as to why I feel so strongly about this; please feel free to remove your tinfoil hat and replace it with a thinking cap if you like. As an ordained minister I have dealt with the lowest of the societies low, I've picked up homeless people who lay in their own filth, vomit and feces in order to get them into a shelter so they can be properly cared for. Im not afraid of getting my hands dirty, there is always plenty of soap and water available and it comes off quite easily.

I've dealt with countless inmates who have cried themselves silly as they account for a life gone so utterly awry, because some lack of judgement they made a wrong turn with their choices in life and ended up on the bottom rung of society.

I see an empty shell of their former self, broken in spirit, without hope and in acute dispair ; this is not what a hardened criminal looks like. They express their profound sorrow at the mess their lives have become and reach out in a desperate attempt for salvation as they cling to the hope that somehow they can turn their lives around and get back on the right course in life.

These are human beings man, not animals; they deserve to be treated with atleast a minimal degree of dignity and respect. While they must pay their debt, that much we can agree, where we part company on is the fact that they can still maintain a degree of hope for salvation and redemption.

I say lets throw them a life line, show a little kindless and compassion and encourage them to turn their lives around and join us once again as honest, decent, tax paying and productive members of society.

A society is always judged by many standards, one of which is the standard by which they treat their inmate population in a humane manner while administering the right mix of punative and rehabilitative measures, in order to address societies behavioral dysfunctions.

HTBW said...

Fine Mr or Mrs Preacher man, I have dealt with the victims of Crime. I have seen the results of the actions of these Douche bags. So yes, I have gotten my hands dirty and do act beyond the hallowed walls of my bathroom. I guess I am just on the other side of the law. Helping the needy is definately an admirable task, however your comments are far from ministerial. I'm guessing ex con with an internet "credentials". I could be wrong of course.

All that Guano aside, The article was more about the societal misfits who find some perverted joy in seeking out criminals for relationships and the justice system which allows prisoners to access the internet and gather a fan base, particularly those on Death Row. Are you a "Death Row Groupie" Mr or Mrs Preacher Man?