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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shawn Johnson - Feeding the Pedofiles and Pervs

It is not surprising since US Olympian SHAWN JOHNSON WON DANCING WITH THE STARS LAST NIGHT that todays hot serch trends rotate around PICTURES OF SHAWN JOHNSON IN A BIKINI and SEXY PICTURES OF SHAWN JOHNSON. The thing people seem to be forgetting (or maybe not) SHAWN JOHNSON has not yet graduated from highschool.

I guess main stream media, marketing consultants, managers, TV Producers and of course SHAWN JOHNSON's parents have effectively narrowed the gap between acceptable and perversion by putting a 17 year old child on the stage with her breasts close to hanging out. It is no small wonder how SHAWN JOHNSON's dance partner Mark Ballas had a hard time keeping it in his pants a few weeks ago when he was sporting an obvious erection over his jailbait partner SHAWN JOHNSON (See MARK BALLAS ERECTION)

Add to this the freekbag stalker who was slammed with a restraining order after he broke into the DANCING WITH THE STARS set to see SHAWN JOHNSON, all because he felt the teenaged star was "Talking to him through the TV set". Of course that situation most likely involves a lapse in medication, the fact remains, SHAWN JOHNSON is being rapidly pushed into the adult world and the search terms are proof. One has to wonder when SHAWN JOHNSON will get her silicon boobs and when she will have a Britney Spearsesque breakdown.

For those of you still interested in SEXY PICTURES OF SHAWN JOHNSON