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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tina Sherman Nude McDonalds Cellphone pictures

Has the world gone Nucking futs? So yesterday this story goes viral on the internet. Apparently this guy named Philip Sherman, leaves his cellphone in a McDonalds. Ok, ordinary enough there except it was pretty stupid, he should probably get a belt holder for his phone. To make this story even more interesting, in true American style, Philip Sherman and his wife Tina Sherman are now suing McDonalds. Because he left his phone on the table you say? Nope, because Philip Sherman had some NUDE PICTURES OF HIS WIFE TINA SHERMAN ON HIS CELLPHONE. Not only did Philip Sherman have these nude photo's of his wife Tina Sherman on his cellphone, in true American Style, they got leaked onto the internet.

So according to court documents the couple suffered over these pictures of Tina Sherman being leaked onto the internet. So of course, since a McDonalds table was the last known location of Philip Sherman's cellphone McDonalds must pay for the forgetfulness of Philip Sherman. Maybe there was something in the burgers which made Philip Sherman forget his cellphone loaded with nude pictures of his wife on a table at McDonalds.

Personally, I think they should just get on with life, take this 15 minutes and work with it. Hey, maybe Tina Sherman can star next to Lisa Ann in Nailin Paylin Part Deux - Everything sounds better in french.

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