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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stalkers and Freaks

I've never understood this whole celebrity fascination thing.
Today, I took a look through Google Hot Trends and noticed Brad Armpit is back in the limelight. I guess he appeared on the Oprah Windbag show and there was an opportunity for fans (read as stalkers) to talk to Bradley via webcam. Ya, can you see where this is going.

Brad, what the fuck is that bug on
your face, you look like Hitler

So anyways, this bowser twit pops on and starts swooning over Brad and how great he is and how much of a fan (Stalker) she is. This girl further went on to start asking detailed questions about Brad's Tattoo's and what their significance is. At this point Brad refused to answer looked noticably embarassed, or angry and tried to move on. Apparently this girl had no concept of body language and she kept on. If I was Brad, I would be boosting my level of security and getting a restraining order, this chick is obviously nuts (being a fan of Brad Pitt aside)

Oh ya, so if anyone knows this nutbag, you might want to get her layed. She really needs to get a life.