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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gap Casting Call - All the world is a cage

So today's hot search seems to be the Gap casting call. From doing a little research it seems Baby Gap is on the hunt for America's Cutest kids. Gap will select 20 finalists from the millions of pushy parents who submitted pictures of their child in hopes of fame and fortune (Probably a little bragging rights in there too.)

The thing is, do these parent look at the news? Do they see what is happening to other child "stars" like Britney Breakdown Spears, Miley Cyrus, The Olsen Twins and Gary Coleman (Who still looks the same as he did when he was on TV), to name just a few. Hollywood is an evil place and childhood fame is a seed to future dysfunction.

So parents, as you sit there voting for your child over and over again on the Gap Casting call website, take some time to enjoy your child as their innocence will soon be replaced with entitlement issues and drug addiction.

Either way, the GAP CASTING CALL is now over and the Gap casting call vote for the cutest babies in America will start on Monday December 8th.