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Friday, January 2, 2009

Kathy Griffin and the D-Word - The Growing list of Banned Words

I remember as a kid there were certain words which we could not say, or were at least told not to say. In their place we used phrases such as "Mommy, Jimmy said the F-Word." There were several of these words, Fuck was the F Word, Shit is the S word, Cunt is the C word, of in some cases the K-word.

Later in our lives, political correctness came into play and we were told not to say Nigger... unless of course you were black you could say it as a term of endearment or some sort of community building word. To the rest of us, it was to be known as the "N-word" and never to be uttered or suffer the label of a Racist Crackerjack.

As if all these rules were not enough, those lovely people over at CNN and joe broomstick up the ass have all of a sudden created this "D-Word" which, for those not following along, is in reference to DICK, as in Penis, Cock or for those less literate the Male sexual organ.

You see, in the KATHY GRIFFIN ANDERSON COOPER NEW YEARS EVE CNN SPECIAL with ANDERSON COOPER, KATHY GRIFFIN got all pissed off about being heckled and said" SHUT UP, You don't see me coming to your workplace and knocking the DICK OUT OF YOUR MOUTH" Or something to that extent. So KATHY GRIFFIN SAID DICK, or to some of you KATHY GRIFFIN SAID the D WORD. GET OVER IT

For those who missed it, you can watch the events unfold at KATHY GRIFFIN's BLOG http://suckitjesus.blogspot.com/