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Saturday, January 31, 2009

BUY YOUR WAY OUT OF THE RECESSION - A new low for Consumer Stupidity

“BUY OUR WAY OUT OF THE RECESSION” This is the short sighted message from many politicians of the day. The point these buerocrats seem to be missing is consumer stupidity is one of the underlying factors in the creation of our current financial meltdown.
For the past few years, I have always said, “Consumer Stupidity is at an all time high” Too many people were borrowing beyond their means just so they could keep up with the Smiths’. From the over inflated consumer driven real estate market to the stock market frenzy consumers were buying up everything they could find because savvy market researchers knew how to pull their strings.

Real Estate agents would say “buy buy buy” bankers were offering sub-prime mortgages and there never seemed to be an end to “Low Interest Introductory Rates” for the biggest Douche Bags of them all… The Credit Card Companies.
Of course, we cannot put all the blame on the sales people, the consumer ultimately made the final decision on whether or not to believe what they were being told. Unfortunately, the average consumer is driven by fear and necessity and the sales people used those liberally when marketing to the Consumer Monkey. And like any well trained monkey, the consumers replied in droves.

The thing which really confuses me is how the government can sit there with a straight face and say to only way out of the recession is to buy our way out. Although the financial logic is there, this only really helps if the consumer spends wisely and does not borrow beyond their means for this recession buy out scheme. Consumers are already facing bankruptcy at an alarming rate and world currency is being strained to proportions not seen since the Great Depression of the 30’s. So before you fall for this “Recession Buy Out” option, ask yourself this. “Do you I have the money to pay off this purchase?” If the answer is no, then JUST SAY NO TO CONSUMER STUPIDITY!!!