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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dharma Wants You

Let me start this out by saying LOST IS A FUCKING TV SHOW PEOPLE. The Dharma initiative is made up by TV writers for the show LOST. The Island is a regular island. There is no magnetic shit nor does some guy named John Lock run around playing rambo. Fat guys won't get layed because they are sensitive and cripples don't get healed by some sort of magic.

Apparently there is some spam company getting their kicks by signing morons up for their website claiming they are looking for people to join the Dharma initiative.

Aside from the obvious fake factor, it says they are looking for intelligent people. Now ask yourself, would anyone aside from a backwards hick who's father is also their Brother fall for this load of shit. Fuck, maybe humanity would be better off if these idiots were stranded on some Island somewhere. They would probably end up killing themselves with sticks shoved in their eyes because they want to stop the constant noise in their heads.