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Congratulations, you just wasted 23 1/2 seconds of your lifeSo what is MonkeyGuano, you may ask... Well thank you for asking. A Monkey is a primate from which all humans originated, unless of course you believe that apple and horny Teenager story. And Guano, well that is Poop, particularly the poop of Birds and Bats, but I stole it for monkey's. After all, if Paris Hilton can make an album, Monkey's can sure as hell squirt a little Guano out of their ass.Oh, I guess that really didn't answer your question... OK 42.Cheers,

Sunday, May 4, 2008


OK, this is just screaming for some Monkey Poop. Apparently a bunch of basement dwelling virgins have deemed May 4th Starwars day... Something to do with "May the Fourth be with you"
Come on people, it was a movie about a guy in an ape costume and a robot made out of tin cans and a few flashing Christmas tree bulbs!!! I guess I can give them 1 Monkey poop credit for the cheesy usage of Fourth instead of force and a kind of pathetic attempt to get layed... But that is it. Time to get out of your parents basement people. This is the time of your you can dress up like dorks and go out to meet others of your kind.

4 out of 5 Flying monkey turds for the wiener who thought up Star Wars Day.


Richard Hall said...

Calm down. Star Wars Day is just a joke. Maybe not a very good one, but it has brought a few smiles.