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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chad Kroeger (Turton) and Paris Hilton - Siamese Twins Separated at Birth

Ya ok, sounds a little far fetched but think about it. Two whinny little prissy asses who think they can buy their way out of anything they do wrong. Both of them got drunk and sat behind the wheel of their car. Both were busted, both bitched moaned and complained about their punishments.

The thing is, at least Paris Hilton did spend a few days in the can, ok so she puked and played sick to try and get out. Chad Kroeger, on the other hand, was just issued a $600 fine as well as 1 year prohibition from driving. So what does little Chaddy do? He gets his Lawyer to whine and bitch about it. Apparently it is unfair for him because he has to drive into Vancouver from his Abbotsford Ranch. Oh come on, you have a fucking recording studio in a converted barn and you have more than enough money to pay someone to drive you. For that matter, have one of the other band members drive you... Maybe your Fiance can sit behind the wheel as you sit in the passenger seat. Oh but of course not, Little Chad is too good for that...

Hey Chad, I hear Paris Hilton is looking for a new best friend. It seems like you two have alot in common, why not try out.

And to think, I used to listen to Nickelback, Chad's recent actions make me embarrassed to admit to that fact.

5/5 Piles of Goopy Monkey Poop for Chad's Stupidity