... and we are merely monkey's

Congratulations, you just wasted 23 1/2 seconds of your lifeSo what is MonkeyGuano, you may ask... Well thank you for asking. A Monkey is a primate from which all humans originated, unless of course you believe that apple and horny Teenager story. And Guano, well that is Poop, particularly the poop of Birds and Bats, but I stole it for monkey's. After all, if Paris Hilton can make an album, Monkey's can sure as hell squirt a little Guano out of their ass.Oh, I guess that really didn't answer your question... OK 42.Cheers,

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Look mommy, it's Jeeeesus

OK, this comes from the People will believe any shit that is thrown their way file. Apparently some woman in Florida saw Jesus in her ultrasound. I have included the video so ou could judge for yourself, but to me it looks like a fucking pelvic bone... Moron's!!!!